Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Grey Skies

I feel so remix-y in this outfit! I'm wearing my black maxi dress and made it kinda into a skirt by layering my mint t over top.  And it's only Day 3!  I'm so resourceful. 
It was pretty grey outside and kept almost raining so we took photos in our 'dining' room.  We are currently without a dining room table and without one this room is very empty.  Kea has somehow taken it over with all her toys, sneaky thing!  What I'd really like in there is an old door refurbished into a table.  Keeping the integrity of the door, but making it an even surface by placing a glass piece over the top.   
If/when this ever happens, I'll be sure to show you.  
For now, we eat dinner on the floor, or at the coffee table.  

Click HERE to see Ashly's Day 2 outfit!  She's so cute!


  1. Love how you added a shirt over the maxi. And the view of the water in the last photo :)


  2. Love layering simple t's with maxis. Had a very similar look on just the other day! Yay for side knotted tshirts!

  3. you are so cute.


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