Friday, July 27, 2012

natural light

I've been experimenting more and more with my DSLR, which also means my Bf is.  We've been playing with the idea of using natural light to create different effects.  These photos were taken just a little bit before the sunset started down by the dog beach, and we had a lot of fun trying things out.  Yes, there were a few that were so blown out from the sun that you couldn't even see me, but that's how you learn, right? 

Is anyone else as excited about the Olympics starting today?! Tonight I'm heading to a friends house for an opening ceremony party, and I've made us some medals to wear (ya know, for being so awesome).  It's going to be so fun all weekend watching all kinds of crazy sports and cheering on our country's athletes.  Hope you guys all have a wonderful weekend!! Go Canada Go!!
do you like my hat? oh wait, that's the sun.
skirt: boutique in Santa Monica, tank top, sandals: American Eagle, necklace: Le Chateau, sunnies: Anthropologie


  1. I like that skirt!

  2. pretty pics, I have been wanting to expand my photography thumb, there is so much to learn and know...I wish I was better than I am--maybe one day!

  3. Oooo lovely pics and great skirt! Hope you enjoyed the opening ceremony. I cheered for Canada as they came in the stadium! I've got citizenship/dual nationality so I think I can cheer on the team hehe, obviously GB comes first :-p x

  4. cute skirt, cute blog! let's follow each other! x

  5. cute outfit! I'm doing an outfit post tomorrow. stay tuned!

  6. Beautiful photos and skirt! I think the BF is turning out to be a capable photographer's assistant.


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