Friday, January 21, 2011

5 things

I've come across a little writers block today...or maybe I'm just not finding any motivation. It's been a stressful and weird couple of days, and my brain has had just about enough thinking for the week. So, instead here are 5 things that are currently making me happy.

yummy brownies

hot cup of tea

new yarn

New York style pizza, and I'm not anywhere near NYC

moccasin slippers

I think we can all guess what kind of weekend I'm going to be having.
Have a wonderful weekend lovelies!


  1. Hello fellow Vancouver blogger!

    For some great tea you have to make sure to hit up David's Tea in Kitss, Shaktea on Main Street, or Pekoe on West Broadway. They all have these amazing loose leaf teas that are full of flavour - you'll be hooked!

    -- Rachael of

  2. these things are great! :) I want them here also... but it's cold outside and I won't go out :) HAPPY WEEKEND!

  3. Welcome to Vancouver girlie :) Great 5 things feature, you make me wish it was six oclock so I could go home! Have a great weekend xo


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