Monday, January 24, 2011

weekend roundup

So, I've been a bit of a bad blogger. My weekend pretty much was as I envisioned, which was very low-key. However I was camera-less the entire time. Not because it was broken, not because it was lost, but it was all because I forgot it. I almost always have it with me when ever I leave the house, but unfortunately, this lovely little weekend we had will never be recorded due to super lazy-icoses. it's a horrible disease, full of television watching and napping.
oh the humanity!!
However, to no avail my bf saved me from this completely made-up disease and saved this post by reminding me of a few photos and little video i took on his phone, of our new favourite dog walking park. So with out further adieu, this is my weekend roundup.


  1. Wow those photos are amazing.


  2. I love your point grey video!! Have you walked all the way down the sea wall past the marina where the stone steps let you down onto kits beach area?


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