Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Happy Birthday Mid Sista!!

I know, I know, I get a little bit busy (replace a little bit, with beyond extreme) and I neglect my beloved blog. This is me officially apologizing to the universe, specifically my few readers out there. Love you guys!
Today is my sisters birthday (the middle sista), and we're having a nice family dinner. Then the real fun starts with the long awaited Sista Sleepover! Movies, games, snacks galore! Its going to be a wonderful night, and there couldn't be 2 people I love more to hang out with. I'm sure I'll have some evidence of our crazy shenanigans to share with you tomorrow!!

p.s. I will be taking a small leave of absence the week between Christmas and New Years. I'll be up at the cottage all week, and unfortunately, no Internet. That just means, lots of fun posts the following week!!
p.p.s. I feel that I needed to share that with all of you so no one gets angry with me in regards to my blog neglecting situation!

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