Saturday, December 18, 2010

O, Christmas Tree!!

I love real Christmas trees. They fill the house with that fresh, pine scent. My parents always get a real one, I think that my sisters and I would throw a fit if they didn't. It's a great tradition that will live on forever in our family. However, we are known for putting it up at the last minute. The latest was Christmas Eve, but that was quite a few years ago, and only happened that one time. My Dad heard it from all of us girls. The average date is around December 21st or 22nd. One of my sisters birthdays is on the 21st, so she likes the tree up by then.
This year, it was put up and decorated today!!

We don't always have a theme, but this year my oldest sister (who just got home yesterday from Halifax!!) and my mom took on the task and choose all the oldies and goodies. There are a bunch from before I was even born! That's really old. Some handmade ornaments, and garland as well. In a few more days, as long as I've been a good girl, it might be a little fuller under there.....I hope!!


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