Sunday, December 26, 2010

Boxing Day

Is everyone still alive?? Did you survive yesterday?? And those of you that are brave enough to hit up all the crazy boxing day sales, I hope your well prepared!! As for me, this is my first Boxing Day not working in over 10 years!! and I'm not going anywhere near the mall. Well, most likely. I'll let you know about that.
I had an amazing Christmas day, as well as, an awesome Birthday. Thanks to everyone for the wonderful wishes, the best presents in the world, and sooo much love that got sent my way.
Well, I'm off to the cottage for the rest of the week and over New Years, so I'll be seeing all you lovelies next week! Have an super fun week and all the best in the New Year!!!
Love ya!

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  1. I haven't gone Boxing Day shopping in years. Maybe I'll check out the malls next weekend when I get paid :)

    Have fun at the cottage. Hope the rain will stay away!


  2. I braved the mall this year and it wasn't too bad. A little crowded but I was pleasantly surprised. I hope you had an amazing Christmas!

    Xo Chelle


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