Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Challenge the Everyday

I don't usually write my daily blog posts after reading everyone else's blogs, but today I was slightly distracted. I noticed the obvious theme in all of my favorites, everyone is challenging themselves this month. Whether it be the 30 for 30 Challenge*, spending habits, or fitness training, its all to better yourself and challenge the everyday.
I'm now inspired to put myself to the test and see how I can surprise myself. My challenge for the month of February is going to consist of a few different things.

1. Jog 4 times a week - I've mostly been getting to 3 times, but I think that one extra day will make the difference and bring me to a whole new level of healthy.

2. Create something with my own hands once a week - now this goal can fall into a few different categories. I'm a little bit crafty, so i knit and sew a little bit (I'm on a sewing halt though, as I'm waiting for my parents to mail me the new sewing machine I got for Christmas). And I enjoy baking and cooking as well. All these things will keep my brain creative, and will jump start my design skills.

3. Use my closet wisely - Creating outfits that use what I own, meanwhile keeping a little extra moo-la in my pocket.

These things may seem a small and insignificant, but I really do feel that when trying to better yourself, trying is the first step. Every baby step from there is at least a step in the right direction.
So, to all my favourite bloggers I commend all of you for your awesomness! and thank you for being such an inspiration.
And to my readers, thank you for your on going support. I am truly humbled by all the positive feedback I receive from you.
What are you doing to challenge yourself this month? Any words of wisdom?

The 30 for 30 Challenge is a program that Kendi started over at Kendi Everyday. It's an amazing way to put your fashion foot forward. Are you bold enough to try? I missed out on this month, but I think I just might have to try once the next one rolls around.


  1. Those are great challenges.

    In my opinion, you should do things that you enjoy or else you won't be happy doing it. And it'll just feel like "work."

    Keep us posted on how it's going :)


  2. Sounds awesome my dear! I'm doing the 30 for 30 and I'm hoping that it'll give me a refreshing frame of mind about my closet after it's over with. But, I think your goals are perfect! I'm doing a Fitness one as well :) Good luck!

    Xo Chelle


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