Wednesday, February 16, 2011

my lastest love

My latest love......Vancouver!

Being from Ontario, I've really started to take a shine to life on this side of the country. Especially the winter. Yes, it gets rather grey. Yes, it gets rather rainy. But here and there the sun peaks out and all I need is a sweater in order to take a stroll down by the beach.

Don't get me wrong, snow is a beautiful thing. I love it even. The outdoors can look like its been painted white. Watching the trees be dusted with it, playing in it, building a snowman or a snow angel. A snow filled space is like a white playground.
And temperatures in the minus can be....well, down right cold. I love hibernating away and layering on the blankets, sipping a hot chocolate.
However it can get frustrating driving and trying to get around. Dangerous even if you're not prepared. So the few times that Vancouver gets snow (which might be this weekend!),
considering its not too often, why not take the day off. Curl up on the couch and stay nice and cozy.
As much as winter is lovely, I'm really excited to experience the warmer months. We've had some beautiful sunsets lately, and I can only imagine how much more vibrant they'll be come summer.

What do you love about this city?

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