Friday, February 18, 2011

lovely room

There are tons of different types of photo cataloging programs out there and I think I've found one that is my fit.
I got the referral from my lovely friend over at a pretty little space. You should really check out her blog, she's the cutest thing.
The thing I like about Pinterest is that I can categorize my photos however I want. You can also peruse through other peoples 'Pin Boards' for amazing inspiration.
For an invite or any questions feel free to email me, also a pretty little space is offering invites as well. and you can follow my Pinterest here.
One of my boards is 'Favourite Places and Spaces', so I'd thought going with the theme of love this week, I'd share with you a few of my favourite! Hope you love them too!

So, today is the last day included in the Love count!
You have until Monday Feb 21, 2011 (including the Monday) to put in your guesses as to the total amount of love for the week.
Remember to post your guess in a comment and for an extra point become a follower and let me know in a separate comment.
You have all weekend to make your final tallies, and those eligible will go into the draw to win a Handmade Mug Cozy! Made by me, just for you!
The winner will be announced on Tuesday Feb 22, 2011.

Have a lovely weekend lovelies!!!!

I had to through that one in there for ya ;)

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