Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well, today is finally here! And I finally get to share with you the prize for my first give away!
Do you remember how it all works? Well, just in case, I'm here to remind you.
Count up the total amount of "love" within every post for this week (Mon, Feb 14-Fri, Feb 18).
Leave a comment with your guess.
And for an extra point, become a follower.
(please leave me separate comments for each step)
All comments are to be in by Monday, Feb 21, 2011.
And the winner will be announced on Tuesday, Feb 22, 2011.

A handmade Mug Cozy!! Yes, I made it! Just for you!
The wool is a nice, soft blend of merino, acrylic, alpaca and a touch of polyester.
The button is vintage from my mom's collection. Which I dive into now and again.

I hope you LOVE it!!!

p.s. the mug itself, is not included.


  1. 12????? eek i don't know!

    cute cozy!

  2. so far so good! keep tallying till the end of the week! :)

  3. i get an entry for being a follower! right!?!

  4. I counted 20 if you include 'lovely'.

  5. I'd include lovely lol...and yes you can have an extra point!


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