Friday, February 11, 2011

jealous much

Guess what? It's friday!! like its actually, finally here!!
I have an event/party type thing to go to tomorrow night, and otherwise I'm going to be trying to stay out of the rain (via my couch). Do you lovelies have any fancy plans? (couch plans can be fancy!)
p.s. I have a gf thats going to NYC this weekend, who wants to jump in her suitcase with me??
and yes, I asked for presents.


  1. I am SO jealous, I dream about NY day and night, and I'd die ti be there right now, of course due too NYFW although I wouldn't be attending any shows or parties, just to see Bryant park full of glam people would be dreamy! Hope you and you girls have fun!

  2. I'm here in NY, so it really touches home when people talk highly about it! It's soooo cold here, but totally worth a visit nonetheless! Hope she has a grand time. :)


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