Thursday, February 3, 2011

pieces of art

I partook in my first Yoga Class last night. My yoga experience lies with playing on my Wii and and maybe trying a couple of videos, so to actually be in a class and have and instructor, is a really cool experience. I can see where the culture comes in, and creating a lifestyle around it. I felt very at peace and rested come the end of the class, but oh boy, did i sweat...a little bit (girls perspire and glow, but i definitely had a little bit of gross going on).
My other thought that came from it was that each pose and position is a piece of art. The way your body flows from one to the next with such ease is almost beautiful (well, i wasn't at on this level, obviously, but pretty much everyone else in the class).
This morning I woke up feeling a bit sore, but good at the same time. It's like I'm aware of every muscle in my body. I'm definitely gonna try this again.

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  1. I'm too shy and competitive to go to a yoga class I think. I'd be embarrassed that I wasn't as good, or as flexible as everyone else.

    I do like that you compared it to art though. That's a really cool thought.

  2. I'm the least flexible person ever (seriously, I think the yoga instructors secretly judge me hehe) but I adore yoga. I have really noticed a change in my body since going and I love that it relaxes me. I'm a wee bit high strung!

    I'm glad you liked it :)



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