Monday, February 21, 2011

weekend roundup and last day for the giveaway!

Today is the last day to put in any last minute guesses for the love giveaway! From last weeks posts (Mon Feb, 14-Fri Feb 18) tally up the love and write your guess in a comment. For an extra point become a follower and let me know in a separate comment. And you could win a Handmade Mug Cozy!! Made by me, just for you!!

To say things were a little busy this weekend would be a bit of an understatement, and moving was the theme. Between my bf's sister packing to make the move to Toronto, our other roommate packing up to move out too, there has been a lot of sorting, and "do you want these?", and suitcase filling going on.
On Friday night we went to my bf's sister's going away party. Tons of friends came to say their goodbyes and have one last hooray before the east gulps her up. (I'm just kidding, no one is eating anybody, but she will be in the T. for about a year). It was a great time.
Saturday sort of blended in with lots of packing and organizing. I tried to make venture out to the beach to enjoy the sunshine and a good book, but I didn't last too long due to the chill that was the freezing cold wind.
Sunday my bf and I agreed that we'd enjoy the day together. So after having lunch with a friend at Granville Island, we took a little ride on the Skytrain. I had been told that the Millennium line has pretty views and decent sights to see. We got off at Burnaby Lake and walked around for a bit. There are a bunch a trails and pathways that take you around the lake. We hoped back on the train afterwards and headed towards home. It was a nice way to spend the afternoon.
We're still playing tourist now and then for the chance to see and do all the fun things Vancouver has to offer.

Hope you all had an amazing weekend!
and to all my Ontario friends and family, Happy Family Day!

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