Friday, March 25, 2011

Hello, my name is Jeffery Campbell

Well everyone, here they are! My new babies!! Aren't they pretty?
I'm really happy with them and they fit perfectly.
(Sorry, I had to rub it in a little bit. ;))

Jeans, top, belt watch: American Eagle, Blazer: Bootlegger, Bracelets: Europe trip Boots: won!

This post is also a bit an of attempt to be an outfit post. I've always wanted my blog to have a bit more of a fashion feeling to it. I love everything to do with the industry and I am slowly gaining experience within it. I love the idea of personal style blogs and expressing yourself through your outfits. I didn't start out with that type of content for a few reasons; I had just moved across the country and was living out of my suitcase for a while, I would go days without leaving the house, due to being unemployed, and lastly, I haven't been the happiest with my appearance, focusing on my body.
While my Bf and I were travelling this past summer/fall, I gave in to every indulgence possible, which meant packing on the pounds (thanks alot Italy! pizza and pasta everyday, straight to my bottom!), I gained somewhere between 10-15 pounds. Lucky for me, right before we left I had randomly lost a bit of weight, so once I gained, it felt like a lot more than it was.
Anyways, I'm still dealing with it, and I'm not quite back to where I'd like to be, but I'm getting there. Weight is just a number and all I want to do is feel happy and healthy, all while fitting into my favourite jeans.


  1. I think you look great! You should definitely do more outfit pictures. Congrats again on winning the shoes! :)


  2. they look fantastic with that outfit!

  3. love your blog, just found it today. come check out my latest photo shoot!

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  4. Yay, congrats Holly!! They look great on you, and yes I am a bit jealous... although my feet are size 6 so they wouldn't have fit anyways :( You should definitely do more outfit posts!

    Xo Chelle


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