Monday, March 21, 2011

weekend roundup

This weekend was filled with gorgeous weather, time spent outdoors and of course birthday celebrations for my Bf.

Friday was a bit of a write off because I had an overnight shift for work, so my day included napping and snacking until it was time to head out. I'm used to long shifts and even a few overnighters due to my last job, so I was pretty well prepared.

Saturday, however, went just as I planned, slow and lazy. I think the only time I left the house was to pick up a few groceries, sunglasses and all. I spent the day with all the windows open in our house, canoodling with the Bf while watching some hockey. A nice quiet evening.

Sunday was the big eventful day! My Bf's birthday!! We went snow-shoeing up on Mt. Seymour. I have never done it before, and let me tell you, its hard work! but so much fun! I over planned as to weather; I think snow and mountain tops = cold. But I quickly learned that sun and the first day of spring = warm and perfect. I didn't even need my jacket!! We donned our snowpants (so we could play around a bit in the snow without getting too wet), some simple layers, and sunglasses and away we went! We saw some amazing views!
Oh! and I almost forgot! I made my Bf and awesome cake! I have no photos of the making of it though, I'm a little sour about the subject.....lets just say I'll be cleaning my oven this week.

Happy Birthday Love!!

More photos from atop Mt. Seymour coming later this week!


  1. YEAH!!!
    beautiful Holly ~
    the cake looks awesome & Bf looks SO happy

  2. aw that looks fun and andy looks like a smurf!! A happy little smurf!

  3. What a lucky boy! Nicely done, Holly!

  4. cute photos!



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