Tuesday, March 15, 2011

travel tuesday - London, England

I decided that Tuesdays should be all about travel. Well, mainly they both start with 'T' so thats how I made the decision. I plan on showing your all the places that I've been, and over the past year or so that list has grown quite large (if you guys remember, my European adventure from summer 2010) . And once I run out of places I've been, we'll take a daydream-style trip together to places I'd love visit (will visit!).
First on the docket - London, England

The fashionista in me adored London. Hello, Topshop!! However, being that a good chunk of my family history comes from the land of England, experiencing the history was absolutely amazing. We were lucky enough to stay with my cousin, which saved us heap loads of cash as far as hostels go. Here are a few of my favourite photos (that's a lie - warning - very photo heavy).

side note: while travelling I kept a journal as to where we visited and what we saw per day, as well as the dates on my photos, so if you ever have questions about what you're seeing, just ask!

*the love photo, pink door and all.....sigh.....where it all began*


  1. aww camden. i'm about to go there now. to work though. oh yeah, i've taken jesse's place behind the bar in addition to teaching. so come back and get a cocktail from me woman!

  2. oh ps, is it totally sad that i immediately knew exactly where you were standing for each of the 2 canal shots?


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