Friday, March 18, 2011

Project Closet - After

Well lovlies, the day has finally come. A day to celebrate.
My closet is finished and organized and ready to show.

If you remember the before photos, you have an idea of how my clothes were stored. And well, thats a lie, because they weren't! They were in random piles all around my bedroom. Because of this, I found myself wearing the same few items over and over because they were on the tops of the piles. Now that everything is out of bags and in order its so much easier to get dressed in the morning.

I used large boxes with lids and smaller boxes without lids (all from Ikea) to keep any of my extra items that couldn't be hung organized in groups and easy to find.
I then hung all of my sweaters, wovens (button downs), blazers and short dresses on the top hangbar in accordance to sleeve length. As well as on the bottom hangbar, my blouses shorts and skirts in the same method.
I thought long and hard about the different methods as to organizing and greatly considered colour blocking. However, I like looking into my closet and seeing a mixed rainbow of colours. It makes me smile.

This project made me realize what I own and a lot of what I don't (and the obvious amount of plaid and stripes I own, just goes to show that I worked at American Eagle Outfitters for a loong time).

I'm a fairly casual person. I like combing dressy and casual items to create my own style and having fun with accessories from time to time.
When it comes time to add some new pieces to my closet, I think some basic neutrals (greys, blacks, tans, browns and navy) will help update what I already own and also help create a more sophisticated feel.

A few things I learned
  • I love colour.
  • I have an abundance of braided belts.
  • I love to be comfy.
  • I have some fabulous pieces, and shouldn't be afraid to wear them casually.
If in my budget in the near future, using all the same hangers would create a more streamlined effect.
I also need to keep in mind that a good chunk of my summer wardrobe (ie. shorts, dresses, etc) are still back home in Ontario, but I think I still have a fair amount of space to work with.

One last thing......Where all of my Bf's clothes, you ask?? Well, he has a drawer, a set of shelves (which we used to share...kinda), and a little mini closet and the other side of our bedroom (which also stores my shoes). Gotta love him!


  1. i love seeing how other people organize their closets! you did a great job. it seems as though i'm constantly reorganizing so i assume i haven't quite mastered it. still fun though. thanks for sharing the fruits of your labor!

  2. I need to do this too. Actually what I really need to do is get rid of some clothes. I have so many that I never wear but it breaks my heart to throw them out. Purge. I need to Purge.

  3. Awesome job Holly! You've inspired me to tackle my own closet... it is awful but I'm so busy I feel like I never have the time to organize. Good for you!

    Xo Chelle


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