Tuesday, March 1, 2011

oh, Dior

Well, its official. The fashion house of Dior has fired chief designer, John Galliano. A video surfaced containing rather disturbing outbursts from the designer and from that the obvious occurred, he was immediately suspended followed by being fired.

After viewing the video myself via youtube, the truth is in his spoken words. I considered not watching it, but thought forming my own opinion was only fair. I'm a bit of a believer that alcohol is not an excuse for your personal behaviour. As well, The thought that the truth slips out while under the influence, has crossed my mind more than once. However, thoughts of such an anti-Semitic nature, are hard to ignore. I do not agree with any of the words spoken within the footage.

Natalie Portman, who has recently signed a promotions deal with the company, was found to agree with Dior's choices, and wishes to not be associated with Mr. Galliano by any means.

All things aside, creative vision is a gift. And I truly believe that the world of fashion has felt a deep loss and feeling of grief throughout all aspects.

So, what is to become of Dior? Well, as of now, they are going ahead with the planned shows at the Autumn/Winter 2011 Paris Fashion Week.

*to warn you, I am not condoning any negative behaviour what so ever, this is purely just my opinion, and do not have any intentions of offending anyone. I leave it totally up to you as to watching the footage.*

*I read this article from the New York Times to learn the latest information on the story*

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  1. This was so terrible! I couldn't believe it - sounds like they will be better off without that predjudice fool!


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