Tuesday, March 22, 2011

travel tuesday - Isle of Wight, England

If/When you ever go to England, the Isle of Wight is a must. All it takes is a short ferry ride form the mainland and there it is....paradise. They're known for having a calm climate which means lots of exotic plants and flowers can make it even through the winter months. My Bf and I were there to visit his brother and wife and they were kind enough to show us around the Isle. It has this small ocean town vibe with all the history of the mainland. It's filled with windy roads, soft country side and tons of little town shops. It was another of my favourite places we visited (I think I'll be saying that alot). Oh! and I think R.Pattinson and K.Stewart spent New Years Eve 2010 there, so its definitely cutting edge.


  1. I am still so jealous you got to go here. Next time Im in England Im for sure going here.

  2. I do love the Isle of Wight. Before moving to Edinburgh I lived in Southampton, and we often jumped on the ferry over to the isle.

  3. Great holiday. Where have you stayed when you took your holiday? Could you give us some tips on Isle of Wight holiday cottages that offers nice and affordable accommodations?


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