Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Project Closet

Now that my Bf and I are settled in our apartment and all the craziness of roommate shuffle has finally finished up, I can set things up the way I like. I feel like I've been living out of a suitcase for months!
Thus, Project Closet.
Over the next couple of days, I'm going to be revamping, remixing and reorganizing my closet. I can't lie, I'm really hoping it goes smoothly. Especially due to the fact that a good chunk of my wardrobe is still back in Ontario, mostly my summer looks.
I plan on making everything very easy to see, very easy to coordinate, and I want to be able to love my wardrobe once again.
Here's an idea of what I'm working with. Eek! Pardon my incredible messy room!
Wish me luck!!


  1. Good luck Holly! Can't wait for the "After" pics!

  2. love that you still fold your denim the ae way :P

  3. I'm currently working on the same project!!! Excited to see the finished product (as I'm sure you are as well lol)

  4. where does andy put his clothes? lol he gets one drawer!


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